Wholesale GSM senior care emergency alarm system GS-MS1
1)The zone stores 30 wireless detectors, 1 Wired zone (normally closed), 1-channel host SOS button, 8-channel remote controls.

2)4 LED indicates host information.

3)Preset 5 groups of alarm phone numbers, the host automatically dial phone to give voice warning.

4)Preset 5 groups of SMS numbers, the host automatically send alarm message.

5)10s manual alarm recording, remote playback recording alarm.

6)1-channel switch (normally open) output alarm .

7)Built-in Chinese and English text messages , you can set both bilingual, automatically send messages when alarm happens .

8)Programming functions: Out,, At home, Delay, 24 hours, Closing the various zones .

9)Remote control, make alarm calls by telephone (mobile phone) off-site, remote host protection, disarm, setting parameters.

10)Built-in 500mA rechargeable lithium batteries ,can continue to work without interruption.

11)External power off and power on text message

12)All settings can be set by writing messages 
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