Hot! smoke detector with EN14604 and EMC approved detector a
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1. Economic smoke detector alarm 
2. Ceiling or wall mounting 
3. Loud 85DB alarm signal 
*Ceiling or wall mounting
*Easy to install with mounting hardware included
*DC 9V battery
*Flash alarm indicator(red)
*Test button for easy recommended monthly testing
*Smoke detector with low battery signal
*Safety clip feature not allow mounting of smoke alarm without battery installed
*Photo-electronic chamber for early detection from all directions
  *Loud 80db alarm signal
 Power Supply: 9V battery 
Operating Current: 10uA(normal) and 20-50Ma(alarm working)
Sensitivity of smoke detector: In comply with UL217
BS5446: Part 12000
Kits mark License no. KM 53166
0.8-1.42% / FT
Operating Temperature: 40 oF -100 oF(4.4 OC – 37.8 oC)
Ambient Humidity: 10% - 90%
Horn Level: 5 Decibels at 10 feet
Battery Life: 1 year min
Size: 106mm*30mm
Box size: 8*42*33.5cm
Weight: 0.13 kg/pc 17.3 kg/box
Packing: 132pcs/ox one piece/small box single
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